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Have you sat in front of your computer wishing you could sell on ebay but you didn't know what to do?  Are you new to ebay and need a personal assistant to show you the ropes?  Do you basically need an ebay coach?  I can help.  email me!
  Professional Mentoring
Learn to Buy & Sell on ebay

This is not a course or a class.  It is an ongoing friendly dialogue between the two of us at your pace and about the issues and topics you need to learn about:

  • ebay safety
  • Registering to buy and sell
  • Differences between types of auctions
  • ebay fees
  • Creating effective ad titles
  • Writing good descriptions
  • Taking photographs
  • Internet storage space for photographs
  • Creating and using templates
  • Pricing strategies
  • Payment methods
  • Registering with PayPal to receive payments
  • PayPal fees
  • Developing your payment instruction policies
  • Shipping services and rates
  • Developing your shipping policies
  • Following your auction through
  • Developing your return policies
  • Using My ebay 
  • Handling nonpaying buyers
  • Feedback
  • Minimizing seller fees with FREE resources
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