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Web Development
Site Layout and Color Scheme
Multiple-event Rollovers
Image Maps
Complex Tables
Cascading Style Sheets
Links, including E-mail
Usability Testing
Site Correction and Maintenance
Submission to the Top Search Engines
Web Hosting
Web Design Training

Graphic Production
Graphic Compression
Graphic Buttons
Background Textures
Background Images
Image Maps
Animated gifs
Image Optimization
Logo Design
Digital Photography
Photo Manipulation
Photo Scanning
Photo Web Optimization
Photo Correction

Copy Writing
Copy refers to the words, the web site text.  Writing good copy is a challenge.  It is important to make text worthwhile for the reader, and we write it with a limited number of words.  This is important more than ever on the web because visitors scan for valid information due to limited time and attention span.  We choose each word carefully, making sure it carries just the right meaning.  We use words that put your product, service or idea in the best possible light. 

Good research is the foundation to good, effective copy writing, and we do at least a little research in these areas:

About the product or service itself
Buyers and potential buyers
Reactions to the copy
Expected browsers or readers

How Can We Help Your Business?

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